Persistant shells from anywhere? Yes, please.

Have you ever wanted a persistant shell, easily spawnable, that connects from anywhere? Yes.

The Global Socket Tookit allows two users behind NAT/Firewall to establish a TCP connection with each other. Securely.
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Video 1: gs-netcat reverse login shell and EEElite-console
Video 2: Using gsocket to hijack OpenSSH
Video 3: Blitz files through firewalls


  • Uses the Global Socket Relay Network to connect TCP pipes
  • End-2-End encryption (using OpenSSL’s SRP / RFC 5054)
  • AES-256 & key exchange using 4096-bit Prime
  • No PKI required.
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • TOR support (optional)

Abandon the thought of IP Addresses and Port Numbers. Instead start thinking that two programs should be able to communicate with each other as long as they know the same secret (rather than each other's IP Address and Port Number). The Global Socket library facilitates this: It locally derives temporary session keys and IDs and connects two programs through the Global Socket Relay Network (GSRN) regardless and independent of the local IP Address or geographical location. Once connected the library then negotiates a secure TLS connection(End-2-End). The secret never leaves your workstation. The GSRN sees only the encrypted traffic.

The GSRN is a free cloud service and is free to use by anyone.

The Global Socket Toolkit comes with a set of tools:

  • gsocket - Makes an existing program (behind firewall or NAT) accessible from anywhere in the world. It does so by analyzing the program and replacing the IP-Layer with its own Gsocket-Layer. A client connection to a hostname ending in ‘\.gsocket’* then gets automatically redirected (via the GSRN) to this program.
  • gs-netcat - Netcat on steroids. Turn gs-netcat into an AES-256 encrypted reverse backdoor via TOR (optional) with a true PTY/interactive command shell (gs-netcat -s MySecret -i), integrated file-transfer, spawn a Socks4/4a/5 proxy or forward TCP connections or give somebody temporary shell access.
  • gs-sftp - sftp server & client between two firewalled workstations (gs-sftp -s MySecret)
  • gs-mount - Access and mount a remote file system (gs-mount -s MySecret ~/mnt/warez)
  • blitz - Copy data from workstation to workstation (blitz -s MySecret /usr/share/*)
  • …many more examples and tools.