Introducing Nuclei: The YAML-based Template Scanner

As organizations increasingly rely on web applications and infrastructure, the need for effective security testing has become crucial. One of the most efficient and effective ways to identify security vulnerabilities is by using template scanners, which are automated tools that scan for known vulnerabilities in web applications and infrastructure. One such tool is Nuclei, a YAML-based template scanner. I´ve tested this tool a lot and my conclusion is that it´s great when used correctly!

What is Nuclei? Link to heading

Nuclei is a fast, flexible and open-source template-based scanner that allows for quick and efficient vulnerability scanning of web applications and infrastructure. It is built on top of the popular Go programming language, making it lightweight and easy to use. Nuclei uses YAML-based templates to define the rules for vulnerability scanning, allowing for easy customization and modification of the scanning process.

Features of Nuclei Link to heading

  • Speed: Nuclei is designed to be fast and efficient, allowing for quick scanning of large numbers of targets.
  • Flexibility: Nuclei allows for easy customization of the scanning process through the use of YAML-based templates. This means users can easily create and modify their own templates to suit their specific needs.
  • Accuracy: Nuclei uses a combination of active and passive scanning techniques to ensure accurate and comprehensive vulnerability identification.
  • Outputs: Nuclei is able to output results in various formats, including JSON, XML and HTML, for easy integration with other tools and workflows.

How to use Nuclei Link to heading

Using Nuclei is relatively straightforward. First, you need to install the tool, which can be done by running the following command:

go get -u -v

Once installed, you can run Nuclei with the following command:

nuclei -h

This will display the help menu and list of all the options that you can use with Nuclei. You can also use the -t flag to specify the target you want to scan, and the -l flag to specify the path to the template file.

In conclusion, Nuclei is a powerful and efficient template-based scanner that can be used for quick and accurate vulnerability scanning of web applications and infrastructure. Its YAML-based templates make it easy to customize and modify the scanning process to suit specific needs. It is a valuable tool for any organization looking to improve the security of its web applications and infrastructure.